What's a good, healthy drink to stick with?!

Question: What's a good, healthy drink to stick with!?
I've had a horrible journey with health & beverages!. Read my story, & see if you can help!.

I started my "journey" with the popular athletic drink Gatorade!. It was always in my fridge & I thought it was really good for you because of all the commercials with the athletes!. I was talking to my mom one day while drinking it!. She babbled on while I surfed Yahoo Answers, reading her magazine & talking about the "pickle diet"!. When she spotted my bottle of Gatorade, she lost her mind!. She went into this speech about how she saw some big program on CNN about it!. Turns out there's piles of sodium in Gatorade, which is salt!. & it was terrible for me, especially considering how much of it I drank, & had been drinking everyday!. I was really upset!. The commercials were complete bull!. Unless of course you ran 10 miles a day!. Which only like 10% of society actually does!. I was furious, upset, & I determined not to let anything like this ever happen to me again!.
This was right around the time Vitamin Water became really popular!. I tried it just to see what all the hype was about, & it tasted really watered down, so I figured it HAD to be good for me!. So after about a month of drinking it, Propel came out with those commercials about how many calories & stuff are in it, & how you'd have to run miles to work it off, which really angered me!. It was Gatorade all over again! They basically lied!. "Vitamins + Water = all you need!." That's what it says on the bottle!. That's true, but you don't need the fat bahookie you're gonna get from all the calories in it!.
From that day on, I was done with popular drinks, & everything I saw a flashy commercial for!. I decided to try tea!. I switched to Arizona Tea!. You know, that milky sweet stuff in the cute green bottle!? I drank it religiously!. Surprise, there's 51g of sugar in each bottle, & it was putting weight on me!. Now I was fed up!. & a little fatter!. I decided to just switch to a fruit juice, since everything else was either making me fat, or lying to me!. I tried grapejuice, because of the great reviews it got on colon cleansing!. I forgot why my mom wouldn't let me have it when I was a kid!. It's loaded with sugar, just like the tea!. But I wasn't about to give up on the fruit juice idea, I switched to cranberry juice, but got a stomach ache after every glass!. It's supposed to be really good for women, especially when we're on our periods!. It's supposed to regulate our systems & help everything go smoothly!. Which it does for most women, but it made my stomach hurt so bad that I felt like I had swallowed Taz from Looney Tunes!.
I lost all hope on anything with well, taste!. Lastly, out of desperation, I made myself drink water!. Plain water couldn't hurt me right!? It's basically like drinking nothing!. Wrong!. I switched to Dasani water, which I got worms from!. Yes, worms!. I had to take pills & everything!. They told me @ the hospital to NEVER drink water again!. So now I'm @ a stand still in my life!. I haven't drank anything for a week & a half!. I've just been eating!. Isn't there ANY drink out there that I can live on without gaining weight or getting sick from!? Help!

Keep in mind that I'm not trying to lose weight, just stay healthy!Www@FoodAQ@Com

Green tea or oolong tea, hot or cold!.

And I know you're thinking non-alcoholic, but I read somewhere that the healthiest alcoholic drink on the planet is sake and cold oolong tea!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

water water waterWww@FoodAQ@Com

Drink water, its the safest thing to drink even though you got sick!.!.!. maybe lay off the Dasani though! Milk would be next on my list even though i hate milk!. If that doesn't work try Naked juice, its really good but can be very expensive!. The next best thing is to try making fruit smoothies of your own with fresh fruit!. Bottled juice usually has a lot of high fructose corn syrup even though it may be packed with a days worth of vitamins so ide stay away from that!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don't understand them telling you water causes worms - never heard that one and I work in a hospital for many years!. Try rotating your drinks, fruit juice is good for you every once in a while but not constantly!. V8 is good to add in there also!. I drink mostly tea with splenda - 1-2 glasses per day but remainder is water!. You can get Crystal Light and add to your water and that doesn't have anything bad in it!. You have to drink things in moderation!. Try asking another doctor, water wasn't the cause of your worms!. If so, you should be rich from suing Dasani!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

WOW!! You have had an interesting time! Well I believe that anything is ok to drink or have as long as it is in moderation!. Such as if you have cranberry juice, which has a lot of sugar like many fruit juices, just have it in maybe the light version or just have 8 fluid oz!.

As for what to drink, milk is great!. Or maybe a Diet Arizona Tea!?

I really suggest to look at the labels of things!. Pay attention to areas like if is full of sugar or even if there is more than 1 serving per bottle!. Like I said before, almost everything is okay with moderation!

Good Luck!Www@FoodAQ@Com

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