Please help with instant coffee directions?!

Question: Please help with instant coffee directions!?
Step one: Use 1 heaping teaspoon of coffee per cup!. The heaping is confusing!. Is that the maximum amount of coffee the teaspoon will hold!? A mountain full of coffee on a teaspoon!?

Step two: Pour 6 oz!. hot water (slightly less than boiling) over coffee!. What is slightly less than boiling!? Is it hot tap water!? Or is it boiled water that has been sitting on the stove for a few minutes!?

Optional: How much cold water is usually added to coffee to cool it down!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

hahaa, it's taster's choice, isn't it!? i have the same one!.
1!. it depends how strong you want your coffee to be!. don't fill the teaspoon to the top, pretty much it's like 2-3 flat-filled teaspoons
2!. you can just stick 6 oz of water in the microwave for 1:20 and then stir in the instant coffee, slightly less than boiling, however, would be when you see teensy bubble rising to the surface in a pot of hot water ( or you could let the boiling water sit a while off heat)
3!. just add in 2 ice cubesWww@FoodAQ@Com

Well, first off, everyone likes their coffee at a different strength, so remember that the more "heaping" the teaspoon the stronger the coffee will be!. By heaping, it means that there is some coffee piled on the spoon--it's not just filling the empty bowl part of the spoon as a straight line across!. Put some more than that!. But it's not a mountain full!
As far as the hot water, I like to use a microwave!. Many of them nowadays have a "beverage" setting!. That will usually heat water to a good temperature!. If your microwave doesn't have that setting, try 1 minute on full power!. See how that works out and adjust time shorter or longer based on the results!.
I never add cold water to coffee to cool it down!. If it's too hot, even after adding creamer or milk, then I'll let it sit out for a few minutes to cool down!. More water would dilute the coffee making it weaker!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

1!. heaping teaspoon is when you dig the spoon down into the coffee and pull it up it is overflowing then you take THAT whole spoonful and put it in the cup (NOT MUG)

2!. Water that is WAY hotter than hot tap water!. Hot tap water runs from like 120-150 degrees and slightly less than boiling is about 190 (that is optimal for coffee btw) since boiling is about 212 degrees!.

3!. I don't add cold water!. I add one ice cube!. And about 3 tablespoons of cold milk if needed!.

Because I add EXTRA coffee a heaping TABLESPOON (three times a teaspoon) to boiling water when I make instant coffee!.!.!.


My 83 yr old mother drinks instant folgers she puts a level teaspoon in a cup and pours hot water over itWww@FoodAQ@Com

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