Does eggnog really have eggs in it?!

Question: Does eggnog really have eggs in it!?
if so, how is it safe to drink!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

Modern eggnog typically consists of milk and eggs(egg yolks only)!. Frequently cream is substituted for some portion of the milk to make a much richer drink!. In some eggnogs you can find Gelatin!. Toppings may include vanilla, ice cream or whipped cream!.

Eggnog can be produced from homemade recipes, however, ready-made eggnog containing alcohol and "just-add-alcohol" versions are available for purchase!. Whiskey, rum, brandy, or cognac are often added!. Since the 1960s, eggnog has often been served cold and without alcohol, both of which are significant departures from its historical origins!. Lowfat eggnog is commercially available or it may be prepared in the home using skimmed or lowfat milk!.[4] In North America, a few soymilk manufacturers, including the popular brand Silk, offer seasonally-available, soy-based alternatives for vegans and those with dairy or milk allergies!. Eggnog may be added as a flavouring to food or drinks such as coffee and tea!. Eggnog-flavoured ice cream, for example, is a seasonal product in the US!.

It should be fine to drink!


yes it has eggs and if purchased in the store, has been pasturized!. It is perfectly safe to drink!.!.!.unless you add way too much rum :) yummyWww@FoodAQ@Com

yes eggnog really has got milk in it and it is very good alsoWww@FoodAQ@Com

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