Why does soda starting to give me a headache?!

Question: Why does soda starting to give me a headache!?
I don't quiet understand this it just started to happen I do drink a lot of soda I drink say like four in the past hour Cause I'm always thirsty water makes me thirsty to juice does to, I think it's cause some of my meds I'm on, But I have no Diabetes I got checked for all that, So I'm clear, But when I'm like that I drink like four cans of soda and there cold can that be from it or something else!? and I get a headache there all diet sodas to by the way like Diet Pepsi and all 0 stuff in it, and caffeine free Pepsi so why does this happen thanks!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

4 can of diet soda is a lot, lot of diet soda which consists of a lot of water, salt and chemicals!. Too much for your brain to handle, I think!. The chemicals include aspartame (the chemical sweetener) which is known to cause chemical inbalance in the brain in some people; aspartame has also caused seizures and tumors in other people!. You're probably reacting to the aspartame, or maybe all the liquid is like water on the brain and causing you to headache out!. The liquid is causing pressure on your brain!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

WOW! I didn't know diet soda could give you tumors and **** I just drank half a 2-liter of diet dr pepper!. And I'll prolly finish the other half within an hour or less!. >!.>

also I have a head ache now!.!.!. maybe that's the reason!. I dunno!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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