Calories and carbs in Energy drinks and coffee?!

Question: Calories and carbs in Energy drinks and coffee!?
Is there more calories and carbs in a energy drink (ie 410ml Monster energy) or a regular sized coffee with 1 cream and 1 sugar !?!?

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I think a Monster energy drink has about 100 calories, but it also has about 26 grams of sugar!! plus a bunch of unnecessary chemicals that mess up with your system! not to say with your poor kidneys, those drinks are really bad for you!

now black coffee has no calories, 1 teaspoon of whole milk has about 20 calories, and 1 teaspoon of sugar about 16 calories, therefore a coffee with 2 whole milk teaspoon and 1 teaspoon of sugar will be about 56 calories, but I think whole milk and sugar with coffee are a way much healthier option than those Monstrous Monster drinks!!

also you can add more milk to your coffee, but select 2% or 1 % fat milk to make it have even less calories!.!.!. I add 2% milk to my morning cup of coffee, and I don't use the sugar, just by adding a bit of milk your coffee tastes sweeter :)

Good luck! and here this article on Monster drinks, that give you energy for a bit, but then they make your system "crash"Www@FoodAQ@Com

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