Should i give up pastries for good?!

Question: Should i give up pastries for good!?
the thing is i feel like I'am to addicted to pastries, once i start i can't stop eating it until its gone and well that's not healthy! so i decided to give it up for lent this year!. so far i been doing good i haven't had any pastries yet but its been really though for me!. I'am worried that once easter comes i will eat too much and go back to my old routine and eat some sort of pastries every day!. i don't trust my self to stop or say no i will only eat it once this week!. so i was thinking should i just give up pastries for good if i don't trust my self to control the amount i eat!? its not like they have any health benefits!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

I don't think you need to give up pastries completely!.

One strategy that might help you control how many pastries you eat is make sure you only buy a single pastry at one time - if you buy a whole package at the grocery store/bakery, then of course you're going to eat them if they're just lying around in your kitchen!

also, you could make pastries a special once-a-week treat, such as eating them for Sunday breakfasts!. That way, you can still enjoy the occasional pastry, and you might appreciate it even more because you'll begin to see it as a luxury in your diet, not a staple food!.

You can also find/make healthier foods to get your sugar fix the rest of the time!. For example, replace apple turnovers with apple crumble, or cream-filled donuts with pudding made from skim milk!.

Hope this helps a little! I've been making changes like this to my diet and have lost 65 lbs over the past year or so (though I don't know if you're trying to lose weight)!. It's all about enjoying the foods you love in moderation, and gaining an appreciation for healthier foods!. If you try to cut pastries out of your diet completely, you might end up feeling like you are depriving yourself, and give up completely!.

I wish you good health, whatever choice you make! :)Www@FoodAQ@Com

nah ,don`t worry about it , so what if your arteries ,clog up ,and your heart slows a little you end up 4-5 stone over weight who care`s life is so good , and you will not get old ,no problemoWww@FoodAQ@Com


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