Difference between expresso, cappuccino, and just coffee?!

Question: Difference between expresso, cappuccino, and just coffee!?
hi, this might sounds a little silly!.!. but im used to using our regular drip coffee maker!. we have this awesome new expresso/cappuccino maker but im not sure what the difference!. i just want a cup of coffee lol!. do i use the expresso or the cappuccino part!? what are the differences/similarities!? thank you!Www@FoodAQ@Com

k so lets start with coffee since you already know what that is :)

coffee= hot water that has been dripped through coffee grounds

espresso= similar to coffee, i usually compare it to alcohol
so coffee is like your wine, while espresso is like you're 40% vodka
espresso is similar to coffee except that the water is pushed through the espresso grounds, which are ground alot finer, and tastes like a thicker stronger coffee!. people normally have small amounts fo esspresso compared to coffee

Cappucinno= one or two ounces of espresso (or more if you like) and the foam from steamed milk!. (you steam the milk with the steam wand)

latte (while i'm at it)= one or two ounces of espresso and steamed milk with only a little bit of foam on top (a very popular drink)

now if you are looking for plain coffee you have the wrong machine lol, however you can make something called an Americano

americano= one or two ounces of espresso and hot water, its a european approach to american coffee!. its smoother than a cup of coffee but you generally get the came amount of caffeine

now in terms of the machine there is no really cappucino part
just the espresso part and then the steam wand (which you could use for cappuccinos but its not only for that, you could steam milk for whatever you want, i use it for hot chocolate, oatmeal, or you could steam milk and add flavoured syrups for a tasty treat)

hope this helped!
enjoy your new machineWww@FoodAQ@Com

I work at starbucks and went through a ton of training and i make all of these drinks about a bagillion times a dayWww@FoodAQ@Com

Espresso is usually served in "shots" which contain about 3 cups of coffee!. Tastes kinda similar, and you don't have to drink alot for alot of energy!.

Cappuccino is flavoured coffee, usually with a "whipped" kind of topping!.

If you don't have your normal coffee maker anymore, I'd go with the cappuccino, its really delicious and you can sit and enjoy it like a cup of coffee unlike espresso!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

expresso is a strong shot of just purely ground coffee beans!. when you buy expresso, its mixed with things, its not meant to be drank on its own!.
cappuccino is coffee with frothy milk!. its not as strong tasting as regular coffee,it has more sugar and has a sweeter taste!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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