Is whole milk really bad for u?!

Question: Is whole milk really bad for u?
okay so i don't like water i don't know why i just don't like the taste of it.. and since we always have milk that all i have been drinking for like a whole month and so i wanted to know if it like really bad for u to drink??


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Cow's milk was made for cows, not humans. No, it is not good for you. In fact, dairy in general isn't good for you. Milk is also filled with hormones and other chemicals that are dangerous.

Whenever I say that, people always ask how they are supposed to get calcium. The answer is through good ol fashioned fruits and vegetables. Dark, leafy green vegetables are packed with calcium.

Sorry that you don't like the taste of water, but in the end it is really the only thing humans need to drink. If you aren't getting enough hydration, your cells fill up with toxins, your digestion gets bad, and your joints get achy and stiff. It's essential so tough it out. Your body needs it :)

Yes, its really good for you, BUT the best way to get milky goodness is to find a supply of fresh, raw, unpasteurized milk. You can google for raw milk to find sources. Good good stuff, once you taste it fresh from a cow, you will not go back to drinking what is sold in the grocery.

Also, skim and 2% are disgusting, bad for cooking, and more likely than whole milk to stir up lactose intolerance.

I've always heard that the only reason why whole milk is bad for you is because it contains a lot of fat. I've also heard that the fat content in 2% milk and whole milk isn't very different. I personally have never liked whole milk but then again, I prefer almond milk or soy milk. I wouldn't worry about it to much however, if you notice a slight weight gain, then you know why. Plus, milk doesn't quench my thirst, I guess it does yours. I always find that if I drink milk, I end up being more thirsty than when I first drank it. I used to hate water but now I like it! Add some type of sugar free flavoring to your water, and maybe that will convince you to drink more water.

It is bad for you if you have high cholesterol. It is really good for children and teenagers because of the calcium.

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