A Battery Powered Cappuccino Maker?!

Question: A Battery Powered Cappuccino Maker?
Does anyone know where i could possibly get a small (1-2 cup) battery operated Cappuccino maker? I would love one for my locker, but cant seem to find one. Even a battery powered coffee pot would be really great! If possible, one like less than 30$ would be great! And Size doesn't matter just not like ridiculously huge, it has to fit in a generally small area in my locker! Thanks!


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The problem is that it requires a lot of energy to heat water to the correct temp (even many electric coffee makers can't do it. You'd probably need a car battery to power it.

There are plenty of small electric one/two-cup coffee makers. You could also make or buy cold brewed coffee. It's a concentrate made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for about 16 hours. You could bring a little with you every day & just add hot water from a cooler or kettle for delicious 'instant' coffee.

If you do have access to hot water, a french press would also work well.

I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee.

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