Weird juice my friend drinks?!

Question: Weird juice my friend drinks?
So, during lunch my friend drank some sort of Juice from a bottle. She always drinks that, but when we ask her she just says its normal and that it's just syrup. She said she gets the normal red syrup in the bottles and she mixes them with water and its sweet enough to drink and sometimes not even sweet, and you can adjust the taste to your own preference? soooo... is that even a legit drink? O.o I'm just super curious and she wont budge. -.-


Yes it is legit. In some European countries, it is a favorite drink for lots. I remember my European mom having a bottle of raspberry syrup always in the kitchen. Before sodas, there was only syrups. It can be mixed as you like, and has no after effects. Burping, holes in your teeth(from sodas), and the calorie intake was better for you. Since it is all natural. Those were the days, when people learned things that attributed to good health, and did it. You can still buy it at delis, and European shops.
I hope that clears things up a bit for you.

It's probabbly coca-cola syrup.


shes a vampire

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