What has a longer shelf life ... Regular soda pop with HFCS or With Real Sugar?!

Question: What has a longer shelf life ... Regular soda pop with HFCS or With Real Sugar?
My local supermarket (and probably yours too) only carries the "with real sugar" for a limited time so I often find myself over-stocking when they do, and some is past the best-by date. It is still drinkable but without as many preservatives I wonder which has a longer shelf life basically.

bonus question:
Which is your favorite - a) Dr Pepper Cherry, b) Coca Cola Cherry, c) Pepsi Cherry


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Real sugar. Old diet pop uses nutrasweet which when gets old becomes a poison. I like cherry coke.

Aspartame (sweetener) is connected to brittle bone disease and should be avoided especially by women as they are more susceptible. There is a vast difference between best by and sell by and use by dates.

best by = can still be eaten but may be not as good
sell by = off the shelf in the shop by that date eat asap
use by = is self explanatory

Sugar has been used as a preservative for centuries so make your own judgment a natural preservative or one that is manufactured

my favorite "POP" is dandelion and burdock

worked in retail for many many many years

The sooner parents stop their kids drinking all that sugar/chemical filled drain juice the healthier the world will be..

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