How long after drinking your coffee do you crash?!

Question: How long after drinking your coffee do you crash?

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You don't usually 'crash' from coffee; you crash from the sugar you add to it (or from what Starbucks adds to their Caramel Mocha Frappaccino).

Caffeine only give a short term boost. If you don't get enough sleep, it can feel like a crash when that boost wears off.

I roast my own beans & have seven ways to brew coffee, and I only drink coffee once (sometimes twice - decaf with desert) per day.

I do not drink coffee for the purpose of stimulation or energy. I drink it because I like it. I drink it first thing in the morning when i'm well rested and in afternoon. So I don't look into if I crash or not.

I dont think you would crash after just one coffee after a few then yes it would be a few hours after.

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