should i really drink 6-8 glass of water a day?!

Question: Should i really drink 6-8 glass of water a day?
even if i am not thristy
would it cause wieght gain


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Well it doesn't have to be in the form of pure water.
Many other beverages contain mostly water which the body can utilize.
Also, fruits and vegetables contain lots of water.
And you would gain weight, but you wouldn't gain FAT, since water (of course) is fat free.
Excess water is passed as urine.

Yes. Water is easily lost if you engage in lots of strenuous activity, or if its too hot or if there is high humidity. Sometimes you don't feel dehydration creeping in.…

you will gain weight but not fat weight, just water but then you will pee it out anyway, i tried drinking 8 glasses a day and i ended up peeing every 15 minutes, like i hated having 2 pee alot so just drink 5 at least and u will be good.

ya you have to .. water is very useful for the body .. and actually it could help u to lose weight as it increase the metabolism .. also if you have a glass of water before meals you will feel full and eat lesser amount

Thats considering you dont eat anything with water in it or drink any other fluids. Lots of fruits and vegetables have water in them and so do almost all other drinks.

no thats fine because you get rid of it anyway
its actually really good to drink that much for your skin and everything so its fine and a good idea :)

theoretically you should drink 2litters of fluids every day

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