Does anyone else drink those 5 hour energy shots almost every weekday?!

Question: Does anyone else drink those 5 hour energy shots almost every weekday?
This can't be healthy which is why I am asking.


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It can raise your blood pressure - so be careful. I know people who had to stop using this product.

I used to take those, and also chew caffeine gum. This was when my company had me working 10 hours a day 7 days a week. It was helpful, and it didn't cause me any problems. Honestly though, I think the majority of the benefit I got was from the gum. It's called Stay Alert gum and it was made for the military. They sell it on Amazon. In my opinion it was much more valuable than the energy shots.


My husband (Who is only 27 and has never had any health problems) used to drink one everyday. And ended up having a heart attack and after a lot of testing they traced it to the energy shots.

personal experience

5 hour energy is completely safe and i does what it says,it gives you 5 hours of energy.happy to answer



I never drink them at all. I have sufficient energy without them.

where do u get them yum?

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