How much caffeine does root beer have?!

Question: How much caffeine does root beer have?

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Barq's may be the most well known caffeinated root beer but there are a bunch more. I checked out this site and over 300 root beers are reviewed. I counted 9 or 10 with caffeine. You will have to find them lol Actually, the site is fun to browse. Give it a go if you are a root beer fan.

the caffeine content varies.

Most root beer doesn't have caffeine. The only one I can think of that does is Barq's and I guess it is similar to Pepsi in caffeine content

I believe thats one of the only dark colored sodas that doesnt have caffiene in it.

Zero. Root beer is naturally caffeine free

ZERO except Barq's reg. root beer, that has 38 mg in a 12 oz.

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