Is Packaged nandini milk safe to drink without boiling ??.....?!

Question: Is Packaged nandini milk safe to drink without boiling ??.....?
Since i'm new to bangalore ...due to un availability of utensils,gas etc i have just started taking nandini packaged toned milk without boiling everyday ??.....Is it ok to take it without boiling everyday ??.....please suggest


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All packaged milk being once boiled and pasteurised,no Harm inn drinking right from the tetra pack,but within the shelf life mentioned on the packages.

Yes its safe to drink milk from the packet without boiling but you will not get the taste which you get after heating the milk and removing cream from the top. You can make butter from heating the cream and save some money by not buying additional butter from the food mart.

Aseptic packaged milk is safe to drink unrefrigerated and unboiled for only a few hours after opening.
Unopened it is safe to drink 100 years from now. Once opened, though, it is no different than any other milk, it will spoil if not chilled.

yes you can

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I don't think drinking packet milk without boiling is safe for health.

ek dum safe hai meray baap

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