is sparkling ice water better then drinking regular water?!

Question: Is sparkling ice water better then drinking regular water?
So i was drinking sparking ice/ sparkling water. Literally on the nutrition chart it has Zero everything. Zero fat, calories, sugar, everything.

But it has vitamins and antioxidants

Is it better than water? Does that mean drinking sparkling ice is better than drinking water because it has vitamins which water has nothing at all. Its just carbonated, but is that bad for you?

thanks bro


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Water has things such as fluoride in it, that are good for you. It's not just plain water. What comes out of your sink and out of bottles has things added in it.

Water is water. Tap water is just as fine. If you live in a city they add florid to the water to aid in teeth strength. Getting vitamin water is not as good as getting the vitamins from real food like, spinach, milk, oranges. Your body digests the real true vitamins better.

Well its water and wayer is water so both is good for you ok =-)

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