Is it ok to drink gatoraid?!

Question: Is it ok to drink gatoraid?
I have dranken 4 bottles (946 ML) in the last 24 hours i hardly drink it ever but there was a sale on it so we got some i last drank it 8 months ago. i konw about the high sugar i dont have alot of sugar anyway.


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I have heard that drinking gatorade when your not body isnt in need of replenishing is not good for you. I dont really know the specifics behind this but Ive heard this from many athletes including a former olympic coach

GatorAde is a sports drink and was developed for athletes. Gatorade contains electrolytes which are usually sweated away during strenuous exercise and need to be replenished in order for the body to function properly. The same thing happens when we are sick with the stomach or intestinal "flu". Gatorade is recommended in these situations, but not to be drank in place of water. One a day probably won't hurt you, but more than one possibly could.

Its not healthy at all if you don't need the extra vitamins in it. But since you just drank that much, you don't have to worry and soon you'll urinate it out by tomorrow.

Its okay to drink but if you get the one that says less sugar on it its good to drink once in a while but don't get crazy with it.

If an astronaut can live on it in space, it should be okay for you!

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