is coffee a healthier alternative compared to soda?!

Question: Is coffee a healthier alternative compared to soda?

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Not really unless it's caffeine free and you drink it without sugar or a sweetner or milk.

In terms of calories, yes. But that's assuming you drink it black or with just a little milk and sweetener. If by coffee, you mean those creamy sugary monstrosities from Starbucks, then soda is probably better.

it depends on what you put on it

Coffee stains ur teeth and messes with your body

it all just depends on how you drink it how much

Get you some green tea...good for you, give you energy and it taste wayyy better

It has fewer calories, but that's only if you can drink it black. If you put cream and/or sugar in the coffee, it's not much better.

I think coffee would be healthier as long as you don't drink too much of it. Coffee can stain the teeth though but I think soda -including the diet varieties- can erode the teeth far more.


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