Do you mind drinking flat soda?!

Question: Do you mind drinking flat soda?
Maybe it sounds odd, but I actually don't mind flat soda, and will drink it this way at times. Not saying I don't like it the usual carbonated way though.


LOL me too. i like really cold flat cocacola

Actually I only like Coca Cola if it's flat and cold. Other kinds of soda I don't mind if they are flat but I like them carbonated as well.
Only thing I won't drink flat is flavoured mineral water, it just tastes awful flat.

I like drinking flat soda, sometimes I think it tastes better then carbonated. Usually if it's Pepsi I would prefer it flat. lol

Fresh flat soda is ok but not like week old no bubble flavor at all flat.

Yes I mind...Unless its loaded with ice cubes and i forgot about it for a moment.

I love it!

believe it or not, no i don't!

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