is something bad going to happen to me?!

Question: Is something bad going to happen to me?
im 14. today i drank a monster energy drink and had four 14 hour mega shot energy. i drank them all at the same time. i read the back and i didn't know there was 6100mg of energy blend. anyway my heart hurt like hell and i can't even see straight. is something going to happen to me?


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It's normal for your heart to hurt after taking that much energy drink... try stay as calm as possible... if it gets to bad just go to the hospital

no just get someone to take you to the E.R. and they will take it from the way why in hell would you do that?????????

my self

I honestly suggest letting someone take you to the doctor. With something like this, it is much better to be safe than sorry. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

why on earth would you do that? go to the e.r. if you have chest pain, this could be heart related.


i would really go to the doctor

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