should i stop taking tea?!

Question: Should i stop taking tea?
should i stop taking tea? coze i can saty without having a cup of it after every 2 hours.
everyone ask me not to take it :/


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Can't really think of any really bad side effects of having lot of tea except caffeine but you can also drink decaffeinated teas.

Do not add sugar / milk / creamer if you are drinking so regularly as tea itself maybe good but adding all these is also adding calories and sugar.
Reduce it if you are conscious but a lot of Japanese and Chinese are drinking numerous cups of teas daily yet can be healthy.

It mostly depends on what kind of tea it is and if you're adding things like sugar or honey. Green tea is good for you, and helps you get rid of toxins in your body. However, if you're drinking a cup every 2 hours, that may be a bit excessive, and may have adverse effects in the future.

See if it's just the warmth of the tea that you're craving. Try drinking just hot water. If the taste is too bland, add some dried lemon or dates to the tea.

Depends on the tea. If it's black tea, then too much isn't good for you. However, herbal tea or green tea is usually fine. As someone mentioned, if you tea includes sugar/honey/etc. then drinking it every two hours definitely isn't good for you but that's really because of the sugar.

I drink rooibos tea a lot during the day and I really enjoy it and it's very good for you.

You should drink plenty to hydrate yourself during the day, but ordinary black tea has quite a lot of caffeine which isn't good in excess, and if you put a lot of full-fat milk and sugar in then the calories can certainly add up.

If you're drinking ordinary tea, maybe try alternating it with a herbal, red, green, or oolong tea. If you're already drinking one of those, milk- and sugar-free, then you've got nothing to worry about - they're totally good for you.

I like fruit tea infusion because I can drink it all day long. There is no caffeine in it and it’s loaded with vitamin C, which helps fighting the flu. I drink it hot in the winter, icy cold in the summer and with vodka when I party!

it depends. tea is good for you. because anything excessive is bad. :)

no you shouldn't!

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