what is the standard coffee (NESCAFE) a man can take in a day.?!

Question: What is the standard coffee (NESCAFE) a man can take in a day.?
A lot of doctor says too much of coffee is bad.


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1 or 2 cups

This would depend on your body's ability to process caffeine, no? No one should really have more than 3 cups in a day, but that's just my opinion.

If you're looking to increase your energy levels, you should look at a number of different things you're doing with your body. For example, are you going to bed too late? Are you not eating enough (or eating too much) during meals? Are you getting enough exercise? These are all things that effect your energy throughout the day, that with a little tweaking, can increase your vitality 10 fold.

Common sense @.@

yes it's bad for the heart..

but reeally my dad consume more or less 20 cups of 3 in 1 coffees in a day and still strong


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