can you explode eating pop rocks an soda?!

Question: Can you explode eating pop rocks an soda?

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No. Mythbusters actually did this with a stomach from a pig. Yes, the stomach expanded a bit from released gas, but nothing a simple burp wouldn't fix. There is NO danger of an explosion. The same thing applies to soda and Mentos. The soda geyser trick works fine in a soda bottle that is freshly opened and you drop in a Mentos, but it fails if you drink the soda and then swallow a Mentos. In both cases, swallowing the soda causes the dissolved CO2 gas to come out of solution by about 95%, and the remaining 5% that makes you burp later is not enough to cause you any harm whatsoever. You need to start watching Mythbusters...

If you eat enough and drink enough of anything you will explode.

No that is only a myth. Look it up on snopes.

you have to drink a pint of vinegar to counter it

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