would a morroccan coffee shop work next to costa and starbucks?!

Question: Would a morroccan coffee shop work next to costa and starbucks?
im thinking of opening a coffee shop morrocan style not too far away from others such as costa anstarbucks although there is no other coffee shop with the idea that i hae for mine, do u think it would work,


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You're in for some tough competition. If you have a large moroccan community in the area then perhaps you will do well. If you are counting on pulling traffic from Starbucks and Costa then that will be very difficult. (not impossible....just difficult)

If I were opening a new coffee shop, I would try for a place away from Starbucks.

Definitely! Starbucks tries to incorporate many types of hot drinks from different countries however they do not always get it right. Only Morrocans can make Morrocan tea so go for it! And if you manage to do it please let me know where it is so I can come visit!

I've been to Morocco and love their food!

Only in Morocco.

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