TEAAA ?any online stores where i can buy somewhat inexpensive tea that is good quality?!

Question: TEAAA ?any online stores where i can buy somewhat inexpensive tea that is good quality?
i just want to try diferent tea. i am currently drinking lots of green tea. I want to try oolong tea, or any other teas that have health benefits.
i live near winnipeg, canada, so the site/ store has to be able to ship to canada.
and if there are any stores near or in winnipeg, thatd be awesome


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The two links below are to Canadian companies so shipping will not be an issue for you. They've got a good variety and good quality product.



We are hearing more and more about how helpful green tea can be for many conditions and for maintaining overall good health. Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, which are good for the heart and cholesterol levels, and the simulating effects are useful for weight control. Scientists who research and study natural foods seem to keep on rolling with new information about green tea.

Keep reading to find out three terrific benefits of green tea and why you really should consider consuming it.

Green tea can help to promote heart health and lower blood pressure. This tea has fat burning capabilities, and then there's the effect of lowering your overall cholesterol - and increasing the good cholesterol. So think about that: controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol, and then you can lose weight easier, too. The research recommends that to achieve that kind of control requires four cups of green tea per day. Green tea also comes as a decaffeinated tea, as well, just in the event you don't want to consume that much caffeine.

While it would be premature to say that green tea prevents or cures cancer, there have been promising studies that suggest that it may very well reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Very many people know about antioxidants and their ability to offer protection from various toxins; but it is also the polyphenol properties that have anti-cancer action that is noteworthy. In China, where a great deal of research occurs, scientists demonstrated a marked lower risk of esophagus cancer due to regular ingestion of green tea. Additional cancers that could benefit from green tea are stomach and lung cancer. You can help green tea do its job more effectively by choosing a healthy lifestyle, as we all know.

When you drink the tea every day, you'll notice your overall energy level increase, and that will be great because you'll have a natural feeling and desire to be more active. Just one result of that will be an easier time with the weight loss if you need to do that. If you take energy enhancing supplements, be careful about that because of the ingredients. Energy drinks, for example, usually contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine. You will receive about 50% the amount of caffeine in green tea that you will get from a cup of regular coffee. All in all, green tea has a wide variety of helpful effects on the body, and experts are releasing more findings all the time. There appear to be few risks involved with green tea, while it is an inexpensive and easy to find food that can be enjoyed in a number of ways, hot or cold. So there it is - we hope you will feel excited and inspired to go out and get some green tea, today, and then use it every day for fantastic health.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the many benefits of green tea. If you want to start taking it, you have a choice of drinking tea or finding a good green tea supplement. If you take it regularly, you will enjoy more of the benefits.

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