Soda Addiction help please?!

Question: Soda Addiction help please?
I'm not sure if I'm really addicted but I think it's starting up. I crave it constantly. I drink 2-3 cans a day. It's pretty much the only thing I drink. Am I addicted and is it bad to be addicted? Btw I'm 13 skinny and short (perfectly proportioned as my doctor says), and I'm VERY athletic. K thanks help me out haha bye!


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Just research horrible facts on coke or put when you have a craving put a load of vingar in the soda you will soon be put of it

I suggest you give up soda.
It's highly acidic and too much of it can cause damaged tooth enamel, stains on teeth, stomach ulcers, etc.
The caffeine in it can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure, headaches, irritability, etc.
If you're drinking regular soda, the sugar in it is turned to fat.
If you're drinking diet soda, your body is tricked into thinking that the highly sweet chemicals in the soda is actually sugar and that is also turned into fat.
Soda has absolutely no nutritional value, so you should probably switch to healthier options such as water or tea.

Drank nothing but soda for years and quit cold turkey.

That is a bit much, and just becuase you are healthy now does not mean your body will keep up with the junk as you get older.

Also if 2-3 cans worth of liquid isn;t enough a day, specially if you are active. And if it is caffinated soda you are drying your body out.

Drink decaff iced tea. Water with lemon in it. Add a little sweetener if you need to.

Try to drink fizzy water instead. It an be found anywhere like walmart, target, giant eagle, etc. If you don't like that then only drink one a day and when you're craving it drink something else.

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