What can I use instead of Cacha?a? (Details below)?!

Question: What can I use instead of Cacha?a? (Details below)?
I found this recipe for Kiwi Caipirinha in my aunt's cookbook. It calls for Cacha?a**, and since I'm 13, I don't really want to put it in there.
(** Cacha?a is a Brazillian sugar cane liquor, so it's obviously sweet.)
I need a sweet substitute for it, because I really want to make this drink, but I can't have the Cacha?a.
What could I use?
Please answer!
Thanks. =]
Here's the link to the recipe:


Substitute Cacha?a with sugar cane syrup. You will get the same sweetness you are looking for but no alcoholic content.

(last season I worked as a bartender on the beach and we used to substitute Cacha?a with sugar cane syrup for making non alcoholic versions of some cocktails and the result was incredibly tasty).

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