drinkning tea 3 times a day is fine?!

Question: Drinkning tea 3 times a day is fine?
In past i drinking too much tea but now i reduced it 3 times a day can drinking a tea 3 times in a day be fine or not


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it depends. are you drinking DECAFFEINATED tea (or herbal)? if so, then yes its fine. If you are drinking caffeinated tea, then it might be too much and the caffeine could affect your sleep, and make you dehydrated (thus affecting you daily bowel movements). it also depends on how big the cups are. Is it a 6 oz cup? Or a 12 or 16 ounce cup? the problem is not the tea, its the CAFFEINE in the tea that can be bad for you. see how it makes you feel. does it make you jittery, angry or hyper? if so then you are still drinking too much.

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It's good if you can minimize it to 2 times. If you drink tea many times, there are more chances of getting gas trouble problem soon. It's good to drink milk instead of tea or coffee. If you can't stop drinking tea better prefer to have twice a day not more than that.

You don't say which sort of tea you drink. Usually in Britain, people can easily drink tea 3 times a day - I know I used to and still do but now it's rooibos tea.

Don't worry - enjoy your tea!


U can Drink As many times as you want but make sure u don't drink Tea which is being prepared long time ago.. coz it converts to some sort of chemical

You can take three times but not before 3 hours to bed. It may refrain from sleep.

its absolutely ok....


its fine. i know people who drink about 10 cups a day so 3 is great

Yes,if possible try to take Green Tea.
All the best.

I think not find.


no drink it once in a day

i think that is not good for health

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