questions about chocolate?!

Question: Questions about chocolate?
I am planning to make chocolate covered strawberries this Friday for my boyfriend. My questions are:
He likes milk chocolate, and I usually use Hershey's chocolate but it usually looks dull. What is a good tasting and shiny milk chocolate to use?
I work until 8 Friday, should I make them before work and let them set in fridge until I get home or should I make them when I get home at 8?
What is a pretty way to present them other than just on a nice plate?


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Use a good brand of chocolate, melt it down using a double boiler with just a tiny bit of veggie oil, when melted, take it off the pot, let it cool for a moment so it isn't super hot, then dip the berries 3/4 of the way up and set on a plate with wax paper until cool..... Then get a good brand of white chocolate and melt without the veggie oil, when melted, let it cool for a few minutes put into a zip lock bag, cut the very small tip off the bag and drizzle the choc across the berries. Put in fridge for 20 minutes to harden then ENJOY.... Although berries are out of season and quite expensive, look for nice ripe but not over ripe ones with stems if possible. Present them on a nice plate, arranged in a circle with the stems facing outward. I hope this helps.

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Berries are not out of season, they are being grown in floriday, california and mexico right now, look at the prices in the grocery store.. they are cheep right now.

Dipping chocolate is not the stuff you find in the grocery store in bars, you need to have something with a high cocoa butter content, oil is never used by anybody that actually knows what they are doing, it ruins the taste

All I learned about chocolate was from :…

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Use cooking chocolate. Hershey is terrible for baking and melting. Ive been through several times where i messed up trying to melt bad chocolate. What i ended up doing was building water in a pot and putting a glass mixing bowl over it. It gave me a more even heat without burning my chocolate.

Have you heard of tuxedo strawberries? i dont think they are too hard to make but i think requires possibly double coating.…

Try going to the dollarstore or something and getting a plate that is sorta different. Maybe in one that is a long dish so it looks more gourmet I would try to make it before hand just because I have been in situations before where i had to melt chocolate 3 different times because SOMETHING always goes wrong

This actually sounds like a fun and sweet thing to do. I might make my bf some for valentines day too along with his gift

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Ghirardelli makes a tasty milk chocolate and its easy to melt down. I would definitely make them before work. Its one less thing to worry about when you get home. If you keep them in a sealed container in the refrigerator they'll be fine.... Unless of course you want to make them with your man,could be fun. Good luck ;)

Postres2 is correct - you have to use a little veggie oil when melting your chocolate...this gives it the shine when the chocolate hardens.

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