Anyone know ANY juice drinks available in the UK that do NOT contain fluoride?!

Question: Anyone know ANY juice drinks available in the UK that do NOT contain fluoride?
Good luck.


Fluoride occurs naturally in fresh water sources (especially those that come from deep underground) and many fruits and vegetables, including apples and oranges. So no. All fruit juice contains a nominal amount of fluoride.

I agree with you, it shouldn't be force-fed to us in the way that it is, and I use a fluoride-free toothpaste myself. And it may well be produced in chemical factories. But it is also a part of our natural world, and the tiny natural doses we get from fruit and veg play a part in our general wellbeing. A flouride deficiency can cause weak bones, for example. Like all things, it is an EXCESS which creates problems.

Most tap water contains fluoride. If it didn't, your teeth would require a lot more attention. Considering that fact, no, there should not be any juice drinks that do not contain fluoride.

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