What happens if you drink a beverage witha dead mosquito inside and you drank it?!

Question: What happens if you drink a beverage witha dead mosquito inside and you drank it?
I drank some coffee and there was a mosquito inside and I got startled. What would happen to me? Will i get West Nile?


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You'd simply get a dash of protein with your drink...


You are not likely (less than 1%, source sited after this answer) to contract A severe case of West Nile Virus from a bite or from ingesting a mosquito, even in an area where the virus is present (in birds and mammals) though ingesting the whole mosquito may increase the risk however, as an infected mosquito is not immediately able to pass on infection through a bite. If the mosquito carried WNV, then you are more likely to be infected by eating it, then by being bitten. That said, of 100 exposures/infection of WNV, less than 1% become severely ill. Illness upon infection is only possibility.


What was the mozzie's T.O.D (time of death)?

What was the C.O.D (cause of death)?

What was the M.O.E (method of execution)?

You know, drinking a mosquito may not be as easy as you all think..
<Insert conspiracy music here>

Answer..... you just ate a mosquito. Don't worry, nothing will happen. Your stomach acids will safe guard anything that little bug might be carrying.

You would get worst things in one hour of sleep.

That depends on your body stamina.Be careful in future..avoid such polluted drinks.
All the best.

I wouldn't recommend it, but I don't think it will hurt you.

You're OK.

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