What If I drink 3 litre of cola daily instead of water?!

Question: What If I drink 3 litre of cola daily instead of water?
I'm addicted to cola


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Your teeth will rot and fall out and you'll pile the weight on.

Did you know that when you ingest too much phosphoric acid, your body takes calcium from your bones to neutralise it, making them weaker and weaker? Three liters a day is around five times the amount of phosphorous you should be having daily, as well as nearly twice the amount of carbs - and those are the worst kind of carbs too. Frankly, if you drink 3l of coke a day, it's only a matter of time before your bones turn to jelly, your teeth rot, you get diabetes and you become obese.

Hey bro I don't suggest it all not only will it affect your teeth by deteriorating them and discoloring them, it will also suck the calcium from your bones making them weaker and body system weaker, your kidneys and liver need water to get the body going if thats not happening than you in world of mess meaning if all of the above takes action no matter how hard your work out at the gym or what you wear the girls aint going to be looking you A) your discolored teeth B) weak body or overweight body (whatever it comes down 2) and the list goes on, drink it but cut it down to a couple glasses a day and should be 2-3 liters of water a day instead or go for Milk chocolate, strawberry what ever rocks your boat.

It really isn't good for you, especially all the sugar. I did the math and it comes out to about 286 POUNDS of sugar you would drink per year. Not good. I try to limit myself to a glass per day, and even that is a lot.

for one you are going to get a major caffeine and sugar rush and two expect a major crash in a few hours

personal experiences

http://www.lifetrainingonline.com/blog/w… read this!!

In long run...effects your general/normal health.
Try to reduce day by day.
All the best.

you would get severely dehydrated.

Oh.. IT IS PERFECTLY OKAY if you don't love your life enough to live longer.

your teeth will fall out! :)

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