What if I stopped drinking soda?!

Question: What if I stopped drinking soda?
I just stopped now. Will my body lose weight magically? How will this make my body healthier?


I stopped drinking soda when I got braces when I was 12 and I lost some weight not much, maybe like 15. It's just water weight though and you'll be more healtheir, because when you drink soda a lot of calories + sugar + sodium are being wasted. Best of luck . xo - Baile Rubi Mae.

well you dont have to aliminate soda from your live! you just gotta learn how to control your drinknig and find other alternitives like mayde some juices or fresh waters.. but if you wanna loose wait try working out for at least more than 30 minutes.. trust me dont starve your self it will make it things worse just eat healty try not going to fast food places .. eat a salad not a chees burger... go to Subway insted of Mcdonalds.. just eat right and you wouldn't even know you are loosing wait

soda is a early from of cocaine, so yes you will lose weight if you stop drinking. cocaine is one of the leading causes of weight gain in america, and france.

yes, if you start eating healthy as well!

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