What is half hot cocoa- half coffee called?!

Question: What is half hot cocoa- half coffee called?
At Dunkin' Donuts?
I think it's Cafe Mocha...
not quite sure


I don't know what it's called at Dunkin Donuts, but in the rest of the world it's called a "Mocha" and if it's made with espresso, then it's a "Mochaccino."

Good luck!... :-D

no matter how you break it down it's just brewed coffee with added chocolate and room for creamer(if you want to add it) whip is extra

if you want espresso and chocolate with a milk base then it's a mocha. whip included


Mocha! (Yum!)

Cafe Mocha is what I would call it but I don't go to Dunkin' Donuts.

i think its called a mocha

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