how much calories in my cup of tea (see the ingredients)?!

Question: How much calories in my cup of tea (see the ingredients)?
well i boil a cup of water till its hot
then put a 1 tablespoon of milo tea
then a 1 tablespoon of powdered milk
then 1 and a half tablespoon of sugar

how much calories is that ????
anything else i should do to cut down?
i drink tea cus it relaxes me


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Omit the sugar and use a natural sweetener like stevia. You can look at your powdered milk package to find out how many calories are in it.

The calories in the powdered milk would depend on whether it is powdered whole milk or fat free, so check your package. Sugar has 16 calories in a level teaspoon (a measuring spoon, not tableware which is usually larger) so you have at least 24 calories there, probably more. Tea itself has no calories.

I would guess that all together each cup of tea is about 60 calories. If you enjoy it as you have been making it, I suggest you look elsewhere in your diet to cut calories.

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