How many think there Is such a thing as drinking too many monsters?!

Question: How many think there Is such a thing as drinking too many monsters?
10 in 5 days!

Thanks (:


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Yeah... to start, read the ingredients... if you still wanna drink it after reading all that creepy sounding stuff google some of those things and tell me if they sound good. Energy drinks make you heart race... too many can lead to a heart attack, not to mention they stunt your growth. so if youre still going through your growth spurt, stay off of it

10 in 5 days is too much. 1 in a week is right, if your that addicted, but you need to stay off them if your that crazy. They destroy your body. Theyre packed with sugar, and it could lead to a heart attack or kidney failure. Dont drink them too often. I had a friend at my school back in middle school who brought one every day for all of 7th grade. in 8th grade he suffered from kidney failure, and had to get a transplant. (True story)

My 26 year old friend has 3 (inoperable)tumors on his spine and is paralyzed b/c of those energy drinks. He stirred them and never drank them . . . just think what you're doing by drinking them . . .

at least the company is paying his medical . . .

A girl drank 5 in 2 hour's in my school ; her heart rate was crazy fast. She went to the hospital, that can lead to over stressing your heart and create a heart attack.

Monsters are terrible for your body, 1 is too many, drink coffee instead lol

never have enough monster


I heard someone chugged like 3 at once and died because of it. monster is extremely bad for you

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