How does one make a cup of tea?!

Question: How does one make a cup of tea?

That depends somewhat on the type of tea you're trying to make (and sometimes on how strong you like it).

Check these pages for instructions on various kinds of teas and the best brewing times and water temperatures, etc, for each (those things do make a difference):……

You have to get the water boiling. Pour a little in the teapot (or cup) and swirl it around and dump it out. Then put in the tea (loose or teabag) and pour more boiling water over it. Then wait, between 2 and 4 min., depending on what kind of tea it is and how you like it.

If you are serving it with milk, you put the milk in the cup first and then pour the tea over it. Then add sugar (or honey) and/or lemon.

what type of tea? ice tea- fresh green tea- ...ect ect...

heres some...(I.T)…



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Get the water boiling, put the teabag in the cup, poor the boiling water in the cup, wait a minute and you have tea.

Cup of water
1 tea bag
zap together in the micro wave for 1 minute

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