How much caffeine is in a cup of drip coffee?!

Question: How much caffeine is in a cup of drip coffee?
Does anybody know how much caffeine is in a lg cup of Maxwell House Breakfast Blend coffee? I don't understand why caffeine content is not listed in nutrition facts.


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... and its not listed in the list of nutrients as its not a nutrient and its not been added its there naturally in coffee and tea, I agree, its very confusing

In case you are members of these people who can’t imagine the wonderful morning without having a a sip of coffee maybe you have questioned yourselves in one moment the quantity of caffeine can there be in the cup of coffee.

Exactly How Much Caffeine in just one Cup

In the event you love having coffee you have without a doubt asked this specific dilemma. This is an excellent thing to be familiar with because sipping an excessive amount of coffee could potentially cause quite a few unwanted side effects.

It is often stated that one cup of coffee has close to 100 milligrams of caffeine. All the same, this quantity is absolutely not correct; it could actually be based upon the type of coffee, exactly how strong it truly is as well as on the size of the cup. At this instant when you are aware of this particular minor feature you can certainly figure out just how much coffee can you drink up each and every day. Despite the fact that we are now aware about the main advantages of the coffee we can refer to its adverse reactions, so in the next section we intend to focus more about this.…

This question pops up over and over on here. The correct answer is, there is no way to tell without actually measuring your particular cup of coffee. Different coffee makers extract different amounts. Different roasts give off different amounts (darker roasts tend to burn off the caffeine). Even different beans give off different amounts of caffeine. Since Maxswill House buys their beans from all over the world, and since they are roasting all day long there is no way to specify either where the beans originated from or what batch and there is not way to measure the output of each roast. Then it is in your hands, we do not know what temp the grounds are being brewed at or how long. That being said, even IF we knew all that the variables would be too great.
So... long answer short, no one can tell you so unless you want to buy a caffeine meter and test it, do not worry about it and try to enjoy whatever it is you get out of a can of preground coffee.

115 to 175 milligrams per cup. the range is wide to account for different strengths of coffee.

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