This morning, i was making my tea like any other morning. I put a teaspoon of sugar in, stirred it and then added the milk, stirred it...and went to take a sip. To my suprise there WAS A FRIGGEN DEAD HORSE FLY IN MY F***ING TEA! Where the heck did this little bastard come from!? My only explination is it came from the milk. The fly only appeared after i poured the milk in...and i mean come on where there is cows there is usually flies! Not only that, but its the middle of winter here in canada and there is no flies to be found because its too cold for them to survive. Im a, really furious and dont think i will be drinking milk for a while, i took pictured of the fly and comtemplating on weither i should complain to the company or not! I mean who wouldnt that is friggen disgusting...sooo whats your opinion? To complain or not to complain?!


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I'm Canadian too and I know how cold it is and how impossible it is to find a horse fly. Find some proof and complain the heck out of it! What if you'd swallowed it? What if other people ALREADY HAVE swallowed it? Milk isn't always clean! COMPLAIN!

In a science experiment in class, we filtered milk and found little black hairs that didn't belong to any of us. It was cow hairs. I know milk isn't clean.

The milk is pasteurizes pasteurized, it won’t hurt you but get your own cow just to be sure in the future.

Yeah, you should probably complain. Go complain to the company or something. If I were you I would sue them. LOL

i'd complain, but how do you prove it?

good question, you might wanna ask that one too

You're an american. Go sue!

That is absolutely disgusting. I am so sorry, if that was me i would be scarred for life. once i found a tiny fly on my sandwhich and i was not able to eat those kind of sandwhiches for 3 years afterwards, so i am so sorry for your fly incident. i think you should take the milk back and get a new one, at the very least. i'm not sure what you can do about it, but maybe you should complain, i don't want to find flies in my milk either. what brand of milk was it?

ahh yuck that is so disgusting i hope it didn't get in your mouth. GROSS IM SO SORRY! COMPLAIN TO THEM!!!

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