What do you think of my idea for a new beverage?!

Question: What do you think of my idea for a new beverage?
Okay so I had this idea. You know how bottled waters have flavors now (ex: strawberry, watermelon, raspberry)? Well lots of people like root beer, so I thought, "What if they made root beer flavored water?" Its refreshing and root beer flavored. What do you think? Would you want to drink it? Would other people want to drink it?


You could add a teaspoon of root beer to a glass of water and you would have a root beer flavored water. I love root beer, and I love water, but I wouldn't drink a root beer flavored water.

You got me... check it below. http://givingagift.info/24386/bottled-water


I'd drink it, just as long as it doesn't taste too much like watery root beer, or that "weak tea" kind of thing.

My taste in beverages.

I would drink that because it sounds fun to drink! Question for you: Is it going to be carbonated? If so then thats a great idea healthy but flavorful!!:)

-Evan Troy!!:)

WOW! Rootbeer flavored water!?!? Sounds awesome man, I'd totally be up for it! haha

sounds very intriguing. Give it a shot you may get somewhere with it.

That would gross me out. If someone wanted that they could just let their rootbeer go flat. I give you props for trying though :)

Sounds good to me!

dude...I HAVE BEN WAITING A LONG TIME FOR SOME ONE TO INVENT THAT! dude your now my hero :D i would so drink that!

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