If I quit caffeine cold turkey, will my anxiety level go up at first?!

Question: If I quit caffeine cold turkey, will my anxiety level go up at first?

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yeah because you'll start to crave it. since your not used to not having caffeine, you will feel anxiety because you're so used to having it

No,caffenie causes anxiety so what ever you will feel when you first quit will be withdrawls just replace it with de-caff so you still have the ritual of drinking coffee, caffine is in alot of things ohter then coffee too such as chocolate, tea ( even herbal) soda alot of white sodas have it in them also. Good luck :)

Hi Michael Werntz

If you prepare yourself mentally then you should be ok.
I haven't taken caffeine for many years and feel much better
Recently I've been taking a drink made with carob powder - the no anxiety drink

Your anxiety will probably drop

No but you get a headache

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