whats stronger? a cappucino or cafe au lait?!

Question: Whats stronger? a cappucino or cafe au lait?
with both I would add splenda and sugar free syrup?

I just know with skim milk a cafe au lait has less calories so I thought i would try it if its not too strong


If both are made with an espresso base, the caffeine per ounce will be the same.

Cappuccino is has less milk, so it will have a stronger flavor. Cafe au lait can also be made with regular coffee; that would make it's flavor milder/weaker.

If you like coffee sweeter without adding anything, make it with a ristretto espresso. The sweetness is drawn at the beginning of the shot, the bitterness comes at the end.

I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee.

The liquid in the cappuccino tastes stronger than that of latte.
A latte is known as café au lait in French, café con leche in Spanish and Milchkaffee in German. In simple words, it is coffee milk. Latte often accompanies breakfast. Let's get to know why. Latte is actually a double shot of espresso, which is topped with steamed milk. Mind you I said steamed milk and not milk froth or frothed milk. Since it has a generous amount of milk in it, it is very filling. Therefore, a latte normally accompanies breakfast.

Latte ideally needs to be served on a 7-8 oz glass, which often is not the case. Since it consists of a generous amount of milk, the drinker should be able to see the amount of milk in this coffee. There are some café, where you can see some foam on top of a latte. It is used only for the sake of presentation such as to make it more attractive. On a latte, there is some latte art, which is used for garnishing. The designs, which are normally used, are in the shape of a heart or a leaf.

Now let's find out, what is cappuccino. Cappuccino consists of one third amount of espresso, one third steamed milk and finally one third foamed or frothed milk. This drink has a thick layer of foam on it. The liquid in the cappuccino tastes stronger than that of latte, but should be evenly balanced. There are two ways of ordering a cappuccino. You can either order it ‘wet’ or ‘dry’. When you order your cappuccino ‘dry’, it will have more foam as compared to milk. On the other hand a ‘wet’ cappuccino will consist of more milk.

Of late in America, cappuccinos do not consist of milk. Milk has been replaced by micro foam steamed milk. This milk has a glossy texture and a smooth finish with small bubbles. Due to the use of micro foam, when the cappuccino is made the thinner micro foam gets poured first in the coffee mug and the thicker foam ends up as the top layer.

Often you will see that cappuccino is served in a porcelain cup with 6-7 oz quantity of coffee in it. The cup has a large mouth and a narrow base. Porcelain cups are used, as porcelain retains heat better than most other materials. A cappuccino is normally garnished with cinnamon. The cinnamon powder is just dusted on top.


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