Tassimo, Senseo or Dolce Gusto - Which should I buy?!

Question: Tassimo, Senseo or Dolce Gusto - Which should I buy?
I want to buy a coffee machine and I have been looking online for days at review sites yet still feel that I am back at square one! I've narrowed it down to the Tassimo, Senseo or Dolce Gusto as these are within my price range. Any suggestions or recommendations based on personal experience would be much appreciated..... Thanks.


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Hi, I got a Dolce Gusto Melody 2 machine for xmas and I love it. My favourites are the Cappuccino and the Latte. It tastes just like you would get in a coffee shop. They taste lovely and creamy and the coffee it not too strong. The machine is very easy to use and the only things you have to wash are the drip tray and the pod holder. I do rinse out the water container everyday though ?

I've got the senseo and I'd be lost without it.

Its very quick, and mine has been reliable for 2 years now.

The coffee pods are not too expensive, they are often on offer in the supermarkets and you can stock up, plus there are quite a few generic bags available for the senseo as it is just like a round teabag, only full of coffee! It's not a plastic shaped one. I stock up on coffee pods in France when I go there, as they are really cheap in Carre Foure, or else I buy them when the supermarkets have offers on.

I got brought a Tassimo machine as it was something i really wanted and thought id use it all the time, I used it loads for a few months but now it is just sat on the work surface unused.
I found the coffee to strong for me and the packets are quite expensive to keep buying. But on the plus side they are lovely machines.
Hope this helps a bit.

Advantages of each system

Senseo:The price of the machine and its pods.
Dolce Gusto:The hot chocolate and cappuccino
Nespresss:Variety and quality of the Café Gourmet capsules
Tassimo:Variety of brands and Products


None... The coffee packets are expensive and quality is poor. Everyone I have talked to that bought one of these has quit using it within months.
If you want a great personal coffee maker get a French Press or Aeropress and fresh roasted/fresh ground coffee beans. You will never go back to sub standard again...

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