Tazo Passion Tea: Iced or hot?!

Question: Tazo Passion Tea: Iced or hot?
Do you prefer Tazo Passion Tea iced or hot?


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it taste amazing iced, i like to add a lemon to it in the hot summer heat !

This tea is definitely not for everyone. As you can tell from the ingredients, this tea is strong and decidedly on the tart side. When drunk hot, you probably will want to sweeten it with honey or moderate it with milk, or possibly both. But, when made into an iced tea, Passion really comes into its own - decidedly refreshing and thirst-quenching. Just what you need for a hot summer day!

it is soooo good iced.
to mix it up, i like to add cold lemonade or cold apple juice
when pouring in a glass pour a little less than half of lemonade or apple juice, then the tea.
and of course ice haha
but it would adjust to your taste buds :)


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