is it safe to do this or not?!

Question: Is it safe to do this or not?
i have a 1923 unopened coca-cola bottle and i really want to try it but im afraid it might be bad and when i look in the bottle its still carbonating so is it safe to drink



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Go buy yourself a coke a sell that on ebay. I can't imagine the soda would be good anymore and it is worth too much unopened to given it a try.

Well I don't know for sure, but there is a possibility it is good if it is unopened, it was stored in a cool dark place, and you can't see any mold.But, at the same time, can foods can't even last that long, and they have better seals so I don't know.

You may want to try Ebay instead of drinking it. An unopened bottle from 1923 might fetch a good buck.

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