Has anyone bought a Keurig coffee maker from Kohls?!

Question: Has anyone bought a Keurig coffee maker from Kohls?
I went to buy a Keurig coffee maker at Kohls today and it was regular price of $179.99. I'm pretty sure I've seen them on sale....has anyone bought one from Kohls and how much did you buy it for? I'm trying to decide if I should wait and hope it goes on sale. I'm looking to buy the B60 model.


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My Mom bought one on sale at Kohl's for $130. I am pretty sure it is the B60, if not it was the B70, but I am like 90% sure it was the B60.

Do they accept coupons on those things because I am always getting coupons.

i got my b60 at best buy for 140, currently 150

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