Which is worse for the body healthwise, grape soda or pineapple soda?!

Question: Which is worse for the body healthwise, grape soda or pineapple soda?
I just drank some grape soda and my fiancee says it is the worst possible soda healthwise because it has so many dyes in it. is this true? but yet she drinks whole liters of pineapple soda. which is worse?


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it doesn't matter. both are made with artificial flavor, both are unhealthy or you due to high sugar content.

Grape soda has only a small amount of dye in it. Real grape juice is already pretty colorful, especially since sodas are often made from Concord grape juice, which is already very bluish-purple in color.

Grape juice may actually have some of the beneficial effects that are also attributed to wine (which is made from grapes). Grape juice has some antioxidant properties that may be good for your health.

Pineapple juice isn't necessarily harmful, either. And it can contain dyes as well.

To be honest, they both are not good for you. But honestly, what isn't in life? I'd say everything is OK for the body as long as it's in a variety, and a balanced amount. soda is soda, try natural juice! But even then, is too much sugar for your system!

Think about it,



pineapple sodas probably have less dyes. soda in general is not healthy for you. it has a lot sugar. and the diet soda has a lot chemicals.

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