which milk should I drink?!

Question: Which milk should I drink?
I am a very active 22 yr old male college student, theres so much controversy around milk that I just dont know which one to buy, I want to strengthen my bones and enjoy cereal without slowly killing myself so please suggest some to me.


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I've been drinking whole milk since I was a baby, and it hasn't killed me so far, but I do have bones like concrete, which I suppose is a good thing. The only disadvantage to whole milk is that it's more likely to make you gain weight. On the other hand, skim milk has so little taste and texture that I don't see why it's any different from colored water.

well if you want to "strengthen your bones" use blue top, it has more fat and more calcium in than green and red top. It also has more "overall goodness" in then green and red top :)

Alternatively, you could just vary your milks...e.g. only have blue top in hot drinks, and green top on cereal...Dont use red top, it tastes like water :/
you could even have the occasional glass of gold top milk :)

hope this helps you...

As long as you avoid whole milk whenever possible you should be just fine. I believe drs suggest skim, but 1% or 2% would also be just fine. Just make sure it's fortified with Vitamin D. D helps your body absorb the calcium.

Skim milk. It has all the nutrients that are found in whole milk except the fat. However without the fat it tastes like water. 2% milk is a good compromise if you can't stand the skim milk.

low fat milk is best because obviously its got less fat and also lots more calcium, also it doesn't take like its got no taste, these days milk companies make low fat milk taste like full cream milk so its a win win situation.

2% milk is healthy nd delicious

skim milk

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