Will this make drinking soda more okay?!

Question: Will this make drinking soda more okay?
If I drink 3 glasses of water for every glass of soda I drink will it be a little better for me?
I only drink 2 glasses of coke a day.


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Two glasses of Coke isn't going to hurt you, anyway. It's only 220 calories total.

It's a good idea to drink plenty of water whether you drink Coke or not, but drinking extra water has no effect on drinking Coke. But since you only have two glasses of Coke a day, there's nothing to worry about, anyway.

Try caffeine-free Coke. It tastes sweeter at first, but you can get to like it. It actually doesn't have any more sugar than regular Coke, but since there's no caffeine to add a bitter taste, it tastes sweeter in the beginning.

Just drink 64 ounces of water plus water ever you drink in soda. I.E. if you drink 2 glasses of coke then drink 64 ounces of water plus 2 extra glasses of water


Well it wont make drinking it better... but it is good to have a lot of water. Try to drink one glass of coke a day to the point you dont drink any

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